Monsoon Valley


Donbrusco is semi-sparkling wines with mild bubbles with deep ruby with purple tint, slightly sweet and pair extremely well with spicy Thai food.


Varietal Info



Taste & Aroma

Donbrusco is a lively and vibrant red wine with flavors of ripe berries and dark plums. A light body with a smooth and soft texture. It's low in alcohol and made with Donfelder grapes, perfect for an afternoon sip.

Food Recommendation

Pork Satey, Fried Fish-Paste Balls, Spring Rolls, Cheddar Cheese cherries

Alcohol Level


Serving Temperature


Aging Potential

1-2 Years


For our Signature, a collection of red and white wine made from finely selected quality grapes from Monsoon Valley Vineyard. Monsoon Signature White, hand-picked for premium quality grape selection, handcrafted in traditional Burgundy technique “Sur Lie” which contributes to richness and a lingering finish. Monsoon Valley Signature Red, a blend of red cultivars such as Dornfelder, Rondo and Syrah. Grapes are hand-picked for premium quality selection. This wine is medium bodied, soft tannins with spiciness and lots of fruit characters.